Presidential Politics

I purposely avoid posting my obvious progressive liberal stance on Facebook these days, out of courtesy to friends who just want to keep it light do not wish to be lectured to on that particular choice of social media.  So despite the title, this is entirely non-partisan.

As I watch the news cycle in April of 2015, 3 candidates have announced their intentions to make a run at the presidency so far, and we are 21 months away from Inauguration day in January of 2017.  Twenty-One months.  It just struck me as ridiculous to watch the news pundits proffer strategies for gaining the White House this early in the race — an accomplishment some appear to be obsessed with.

To attach so much importance on the outcome of one election is to completely misunderstand how the government works, or better stated “doesn’t work”, intentionally designed this way by the founding fathers.

The executive branch holds 1/3 of the power, so no matter how many promises they make regarding changing the tax structure, getting rid of this entitlement or starting that new program — it usually amounts to nothing because they can’t get it done with the wave of a magic wand.  All that blather we’re about to hear from both sides for close to 2 years will amount to mostly hot air.  Count on it.

For better or worse, the Constitution and its Amendments are by design a painfully slow change management system.  It’s nearly impossible to get anything agreed upon, especially these days in such a hostile environment.  That’s the way the founders wanted it and that’s the way it is.

Huckabee may be a proponent of a flat tax, but it’ll never happen.  Hillary may want to level the playing field but that won’t happen either.  Ted Cruz may want to abolish the IRS but he’s delusional about that idea. There just aren’t enough votes in both chambers to support these ideas, period.  It’s all show business at this point.

The biggest reason to care about the choice of executive branch is often overlooked, I think.  The nomination of Supreme Court Justices is the thing that will have the most lasting effect on a president’s legacy.  Not many people agree with the notion of Corporations are People Too, yet we have Citizen’s United, thanks to the nominations of Alito and Roberts,

I just find it hard to care right now about who is in the lead, who can win, or who needs to change their strategy to appeal to their base and then shift to the center to win the general election.  Mostly what is going through my mind right now is, we have some real issues to solve right now, why are we focusing on an election that won’t happen for 19 months?  And even when it does, the poor soul won’t be able to deliver on his/her promises anyway.  What else is on?

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