Getting under Grover’s skin

I like the fact that Twitter enables an average Joe like me to publicly challenge high profile individuals like Grover Norquist. Like Bill O’Reilly, he’s looking out for you.

Let’s face it, conservatives are hell-bent on busting unions. The biggest motivation being more profit for corporations, which control the GOP. Nothing shall get in the way of higher profits.

Clever individuals that they are, the Republicans have come up with twisted wording in their campaign to bust unions — Right to Work. I mean, who can argue with that, right? Hey, I’ve got the right to work! Don’t try to take that away from me, that’s Anti-American. But it’s not really about the Right to Work, it’s about busting unions at the expense of middle-class and living wage jobs.

So when guys like Grover Norquist loosely equate “prosperity” with Right to Work cities, I usually see if I can come up with a phrase or two that calls bullshit on the bullshitter. Case in point.

The witty reply from @pithyopine ( me ):
@GroverNorquist Why do you have such a hair up your ass against the middle class? What did they do to you?

And… the reply to my phone, from the anointed one.

Giving working men and women the right to their whole paycheck–not letting union bosses take out $500 by force–is pro-middle America.
05:41 AM – 15 Jun 13

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