O’Reilly’s missing data points

Bill O’Reilly likes to harken back to the 1950’s every chance he gets, frequently reminding us of the glory days and how the world was a much better place when there were more June Cleaver’s.

A recent guest got grilled with yes/no answers to questions like “What’s better, a teen pregnancy rate of 10% or 40%? What’s better, babies being born out of wedlock at 5% or 50%?

So let’s acknowledge for a minute that he has a point that the social fabric of the US is in decay. I don’t think there’s much to debate about that.

What he conveniently fails to mention is that during the Eisenhower administration, the tax rates for the top earners was 90%. And due to the Wagner Act, labor unions were at their peak.

So sure, Bill, let’s go back to the 1950’s. I agree.

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