Top 10 Ass-wipes of Fox News

10.  Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is a watered down version of Ann Coulter.  Not nearly as vitriolic as Ann, but a conservative holier-than-thou ass-wipe just the same.  There’s a definite vibe of “listen to me, I know best” when listening to Laura.

9.  Karl Rove

Rove is the puppet-master that runs the Republican machine.  He’s the one directing where all the money comes from, and where it goes.  The fact that he promised to deliver Mitt Romney and then failed to do so ticked off a lot of rich people.  His waffling on election night was entertainment at its best.

8.  Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo sensationalizes everything and is an attention grabber.  His 15 minutes were over after the pirate treasure debacle.

7.  John Sununu

Sununu hasn’t smiled since 1980.  10 minutes of negativity from John every time.  Count on it.

6.  Herman Cain

Cain is an idiot, plain and simple.  The fact that he garnered support for a run for the White House is downright scary.  Almost as scary as Sarah Palin at the helm.

5.  Charles Krauthammer

Charles is an arrogant intellectual wanna-be.  Points off for chumming up to Bill O’Reilly

4.  Michelle Malkin

Michelle is that little twit that you just want to smack upside the head but can’t.

3.  Bill O’Reilly

O’Reilly occasionally surprises me with some objectivity, but it’s rare.  As of late he likes to intimidate.  He’s a partisan hack like the rest of them and he’s miserable now that Obama has been elected for a second term and I love watching him espouse his strict father approach to everything.  A veritable one-size fits all solution to whatever ails the country.

2.  Sean Hannity

At least Fox isn’t trying to mask the Fair and Balanced charade with Hannity and Colmes anymore since Colmes departed.  But still, Hannity spews vitriol at liberals for 60 solid minutes every day, and is anything but a News man.

1.  Ann Coulter

This one needs very little explanation from anyone who has seen Ann in action.  To see her is to instantly know why she qualifies for the #1 pick.  I’m delighted at the increasing number of videos on display that show Ann getting booed off the stage.

Honorable Mention:  

Greg Gutfeld, Monica Crowley, Dennis Miller, William Kristol, Cal Thomas, Britt Hume, Sarah Palin, Dick Morris, and Lou Dobbs

Fox sure can pick ’em eh?  What a staff!

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