Desperately need more PIE charts for clarity

Republicans have a huge problem.  They desperately want to be the party of fiscal restraint, but have no idea how to get there without losing even more of their dwindling piece of the electorate pie.  The latest tactic employed by more senior members of Congress is to publicly go on the warpath for programs that really don’t make any sort of a dent in the budget what-so-ever, just so they can be on the record as “wanting cuts”.  They are also not shy about “wanting cuts” to entitlements yet refuse to get specific about which ones.  Doing so would risk being held accountable by seniors and the poor during the next election cycle.

Case in point.  Eric Cantor recently lamented on twitter a $4M spend on IRS TV.  Mitt Romney went way out on the limb with 100 times this amount, $445M for killing Big Bird and PBS.

Here’s where we need Ross Perot to step in with some PIE charts and explain to the American people what these suggestions actually mean.


Even Mitt’s commitment to defund PBS  amounts to 0.014% of the 17 Trillion dollar federal budget.  Maybe that’s what it is.  Trillion is just too big of a unit to comprehend.  Million, Billion, Trillion.  What’s the diff?

I can’t even show the impact of this on the above chart because it would not be visible to the naked eye.

As the PIE chart shows, 60% of the budget goes towards Medicare, Social Security, and Labor, and 18% to the Pentagon.  This is where the real meat is.

The dilemma they have is getting specific about the meaty parts.  That’s tricky business.  The usual tactic is to offer up vague proposals for spending cuts and then point the finger at the other guy for not having a specific proposal.  Both sides engage in this.

I think the American people would be okay with the labor spend if we could actually have something to show for it.  Where’s our Mt. Rushmore?  Where’s our Timberline Lodge?  Where’s our Hoover dam?  I’m not seeing it or anything close to it.  I understand Obama inherited a leaky ship and QE I and II were just about trying to keep the ship from sinking.  But still, we don’t have much of anything to show for it and that’s unsettling and opens up the door for massive criticism about where did the money go?

I just wanted to take time out this morning and thank Eric and Mitt for their detailed suggestions and then see if I could put them in perspective with an actual PIE chart.  Turns out it’s not possible.

  1. #1 by Jack on March 12, 2013 - 5:07 am

    Bill, what’s your suggestion for cutting spending? You complain that the Republicans talk about cutting entitlements, but they don’t get specific because they fear the reprisals of elderly and poor voters in the next election. Then you go on to say that entitlements and defense must be cut since that’s where the meat is, which I agree with. Therefore, you and I are united in disagreeing with the Democrats, because they pretty much all say that there’s nothing wrong with the massive growth in entitlement spending. They propose NOT cutting spending. So who is worse, the Republicans who say we need to cut spending but won’t get specific, or the Democrats who won’t even admit that we have a spending problem at all?

    And by the way, in your other article about Ryan’s budget, you’re criticizing him for getting specific about what he would cut. So you appear to be inclined to criticize Republicans who won’t propose specific cuts, AND to criticize Republicans who will propose specific cuts. Seems you just criticize Republicans, period. In your eyes, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Curiously, you don’t seem to agree with Democrats either, but you don’t criticize them. Why not? You’re an intelligent guy…why the inconsistency? And what’s YOUR remedy to the skyrocketing deficits and nat’l debt?

    – Jack

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