Shut it down

This probably won’t happen, and it’s a huge political gamble, but I think the Democrats should shut the government down if they don’t get the deal they want on DACA.

My reasoning is, a shutdown would send shock waves through the world, and when that happens, people start looking at the underlying reasons.  In previous years when the Republicans / Tea Party shut the government down, the took the heat big-time.  But that was different.  The underlying reason had to do with money and greed.  The decision to shut down the government over that issue was extremely unpopular.

This is different.  This is about sticking up for a group of people who have been marginalized.  It would be a principled stand and I actually think the Democrats would not face much backlash for a shutdown.  On the contrary.  And the timing of the “shithole” comment couldn’t be better.  The support for bigotry in the US has not risen to majority levels.

The question is, do they have the intestinal fortitude to take the gamble?

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