Taking one for the Team

I’ve always admired Al Franken and today was no exception.  His speech on the Senate floor today was one I’ll remember for a long time.  He owned up to making women feel uncomfortable and with the timing of the #MeToo movement, there just isn’t any room for debate about his intent versus how it was received.

Note that we’re not talking about adultery here, or anything close really.  As a former comedian he probably crossed some lines he shouldn’t have and now regrets it.  But the point is, he’s owning up to it and now realizes this is not the time for an investigation.  In fact, it’s an opportunity.  Because while the Democrats are in the midst of cleaning house — calling for the ouster of Conyers and Franken, the Republicans are writing checks in support of an accused child molester and somehow have no issue with working hand in glove with the pussy-grabber in chief.  It’s important to notice the omission of the word “alleged” along with the words pussy-grabber in chief.  There’s a tape of it. 

This gives Democrats the moral high ground on this issue and I think that’s important.  Minnesota will elect another Senator and be fine.  By taking one for the team, Franken took the whole what-about-ism debate off the table.  The only question on the table now is how Republicans deal with their own house, and we’ve already seen the strategy.  When accused, double down – it’ll be perceived as a show of strength.

Not this time however.  I’m anxious to see the numbers when November 2018 rolls around, but Republicans are going to do terrible with women, Gen Xers, and Millennials.  And it will be well deserved.

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