Seismic Shift at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

There’s an ancient proverb that says “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Hot off the press, #45 (can’t bring myself to call him President yet) just announced bipartisan work efforts on tax reform and infrastructure. This is akin to throwing the freedom caucus under the bus. I’m starting to like this guy.

Desperate for a win of any kind, I think #45 had an epiphany of sorts and realized a divided republican caucus is of no use to him whatsoever in this goal.

The biggest enemies of the people are the leaders beholden to monied interests. Chief among these is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Both are pounding sand right now and I couldn’t be happier about it. When they hear #45 talk about “dinner tonight with Chuck and Nancy”, you can be sure their blood is boiling. They thought control of the House, the Senate, and the White House was a free pass at making their donors happy. Didn’t work out that way. If you’re looking for who to blame, look no further than the freedom caucus led by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Their obstinance led to their own demise.

Steve Bannon, fresh off his 60 minutes interview declared war on the Republican establishment who he claims is “.. trying to nullify the election results”.   #45 clearly ran on a populist agenda — which is 180 degrees out of sync with the Freedom Caucus.

What I heard #45 say is that his wishes on tax reform were for it to go to the middle class only. The top-tier were not going to get a tax break, and worse, their taxes may even go up. He’ll get a lot of democratic support for this idea and if voted on as a bipartisan bill, moderate republicans and democrats will pass it with no issue.  Additionally he wants to work with “Chuck and Nancy” to get some infrastructure wins.  Of all the ideas on his agenda I’ve always felt this one has the best chance of getting any kind of bipartisan support.

Last but not least, he specifically called out wanting congress to “do something about DACA” but I took it to mean some sort of compromise solution that did not involve deportation.  I truly believe he wants to do the right thing here, but he needs the specifics to be someone else’s idea for political reasons.  Ann Coulter is hotter than the fire of 1000 suns right now.

I have no predictions about where this will lead, but right now I’m happy as a clam that #45 just flipped Grover Norquist, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan the bird.

It would not surprise me if #45, seeing his entire presidency about to be neutered by the midterm elections, switched parties.


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