Paul Ryan’s budget

I was just wondering if Paul Ryan had knowledge of the fact that we have three branches of government including a Supreme Court.

Since the recent Ryan budget is based off of the assumption that the Affordable Health Care Act will be repealed, I was just wondering if anyone told him about justice Roberts’ historic vote.  Maybe I’ll send him a tweet, just in case he’s not informed.

  1. #1 by Jack on March 12, 2013 - 4:45 am

    Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to suggest that it’s likely Paul Ryan has quite a bit more knowledge of government than you seem to give him credit for. You seem to be implying that he’s ignorant. Perhaps you’re exaggerating when you suggest that you know something he doesn’t.

    The word “repeal” refers to a legislative act — that is, an act of Congress. Ryan’s budget is based on the assumption that Congress will somehow be able to unify enough to decide that the Affordable Health Care Act should be repealed. In other words, another law would have to be passed to repeal the original law. You might answer that this would be very unlikely, and I would agree (given the President’s prerogative to veto a repeal).

    Ryan’s purpose in proposing his budget in this way is to show what the alternative set of numbers would actually look like for a U.S. long-term budget. If no legislator ever does this kind of thing, then voters never really get a full set of choices, backed up by honest data, that they deserve in order to make an educated choice in the voting booth. This is not ignorance from Ryan — it is the political process in a free society where every citizen is as entitled as any other citizen to an opinion and a vision for the future. Mine is not necessarily any better than yours, which in turn is not necessarily any better than Ryan’s. But mine or Ryan’s is not necessarily any worse than yours either. The way I see it, there’s no purpose served by Americans accusing each other of being ignorant, stupid, or mean-spirited.

    Anyway, a proposed Congressional repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act has nothing to do with the Supreme Court, which only ruled (narrowly) that the Affordable Health Care Act is not unconstitutional. That leaves the matter in the statutory hands of Congress, and the citizens who voted for them.

    Hope this helps….
    – Jack

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