I watched the State of the Union response given by Joseph Kennedy III and thought his remarks scored high from a shared values perspective. But unlike some, I’m not ready to get on the Kennedy 2020 train just yet.

I love the fact that he’s young and has the potential for energizing the youth vote, but my gut tells me Kamala Harris is a better choice.

My grandmother, Marcella Toner, held a leadership position in the democratic party in Eugene during the campaign of 1960 and was assigned to meet/greet then senator John F. Kennedy at the Eugene airport during a campaign stop. She was rewarded with a signed Christmas card from president Kennedy after his nail-biter election win in 1961. That Christmas card used to make its way to the mantle over the fireplace every year. Can’t blame them for being proud of that event.

Marcella Toner with senator Kennedy from Massachusetts on the campaign trail in 1960

Grandfather Robert Toner shaking hands with senator Kennedy

But I’m not a supporter of political dynasties. I thought Ted Kennedy served our country well and that’s great, but nobody was more relieved when Jeb Bush dropped out of the race in 2016. Part of the reason Trump won was because people were loathe to keep feeding the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

Joe Kennedy III seems like his grandfather RFK in many ways, and I find that admirable. He has a reputation in the House already as a workhorse. But fair or not, he’ll need to prove over time that he’s not in the position he’s in due his family name.

In the meantime, I continue to be impressed with the intelligence, composure, and commitment to social justice issues of Harris. She’s 53 and a while not seasoned in the Senate for very long, she was the attorney general of California from 2011-2017. She’s impressive on TV. Should she decide to run, I think she’ll have a great chance at the nomination. The time seems right for a youth movement. Biden and Sanders are too old. I’m sure both think they could win in a general election and they are probably right, but their age alone will get in the way of energizing the segment of voters who need to start carrying the torch.

Kennedy is 37. That’s a little too wet behind the ears for some including me at this juncture. Maybe 10 years from now would be about right if he developed a following and convinced enough people he was a worthy candidate apart from his Kennedy bloodline.

In the meantime, I’ll be hoping Ms. Harris has it in her to make a run in 2020.

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Exceeding expectations

I didn’t watch the State of the Union address tonight. Like millions of others, I turned the channel to HGTV to impact the Nielson ratings. (I also don’t invite Amway salespeople over).

What I found humorous afterwards however, is the statement by Kevin McCarthy who described the performance as “exceeding expectations.”

The big question is though, what exacty were those expectations? As several prominent Republicans put it on twitter this morning, “The bar is so low, if he goes out there, reads from the transcript and doesn’t burn a cross for 90 minutes, people will describe it as “Presidential.”

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Mark 5:36

For the past few months or so, Marco Rubio has been tweeting a bible verse per day. The theme has been predominantly verses to calm our fears about the political climate we’re in. A recent example:

The evil understand nothing of justice, but those who seek the LORD understand everything. Proverbs 28:5

Yesterday’s contribution:

“Do not be afraid; just have faith.” Mark 5:36

Here’s the rub. THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM depends heavily on Mark 5:36.

They would like nothing more than for all of us to bury our heads in the sand while they pick our pockets and rig the system for their special interests. Just give us the keys and we’ll take care of it. Don’t you worry your little heads about it none.

Soledad O’Brien frequently trolls Rubio and puts up a counter verse to illustrate the technique of cherrypicking verses to suit your agenda:

Mark 7:6 ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

I don’t follow Marco Rubio. I only see his posts when someone I follow responds to a tweet of his. But if I were to troll him, here would be my contribution:

1 Timothy 6:5 Their minds are corrupt and they have turned their backs on the truth. To them, a show of Godliness is just a way to become wealthy.

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I wonder …

Given how spineless the House Republicans are, I wonder if Trump gets convicted of obstruction and they fail to impeach, if that means he runs the country from his cell block?  That’d be a first.

I wonder if he’d be entitled to conjugal visits from Melania and/or Stormy Daniels?

I wonder if Melania would be busy on her conjugal visit day?

I wonder if Trump would get to keep his cell phone and thus be able to tweet from his cell block?

I wonder if Sarah Sanders would still be at the podium like, “it’s all good”

I wonder if he’ll shrink 2 inches at his prison physical and only be 73″ tall?

I wonder if Don Jr. and Jeff Sessions will be housed at the same prison or a different one?

I wonder if he and Manafort end up being at the same prison if they will have lunch together sometimes.

These things I have been pondering today.

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You’re damn right I ordered the code red!

Trump: Hey Don, want to participate in a little obstruction of justice with me?

Don Mcgahn: No, but thanks.

Trump: Drat

All that’s left is for Tom Cruise to put Colonel Jessup on the stand.

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Being a good legal client

I’m often reminded of this quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“He who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”

If you watched any of the O.J. Simpson trial, the guy sat there for over 4 months with a stoic look on his face.  I’m positive he was simply following the instructions of his attorneys.  There’s this basic legal practice of not engaging in facial expressions, emotions, or reacting in any way.  No emotional outbursts.  Nothing.  Just sit there in your suit and let me handle this.  Failure to comply with this makes the attorney’s job more difficult, so clients are strongly advised to comply if they want the best chance at a favorable outcome.

It’s clear that Trump routinely ignores the advice of counsel.  I’m positive they told him to stop tweeting.  I’m also sure the reason he hasn’t had a press conference in almost a year has to do with his gaffe with NBC’s Lester Holt where he basically admitted obstruction of justice live, on the air.

Again tonight, just as Trump’s legal team is trying to figure out the best forum to get Robert Mueller’s special council the information it needs, Trump goes off script with the media and says “sure, I’ll testify under oath.  No problem.”  A few hours later, his legal team is cleaning up the mess putting out statements.  Ty Cobb:

“While Mr. Trump was speaking hurriedly before departing for Davos, he remains committed to continued complete cooperation with the OSC and is looking forward to speaking with Mr. Mueller.”

This Trump tweet was so egregious, his personal lawyer John Dowd had to claim personal responsibility for it because the ‘and the FBI’ add-on was self incriminating for Trump, admitting he knew Flynn lied to the FBI and still kept him on.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI,” the Saturday tweet reads. “He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”

When asked if he routinely tweets for Trump, Dowd replied “No, this was the one and only time.”  Not exactly a believable story.

This leads me to the conclusion that if Trump is removed from office, (which I think he will be one way or another), it will be because he is the WORST CLIENT IN THE HISTORY OF LAW.


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One and done

Ordinarily one and done is a considered a rare accomplishment (see Ball, Lonzo).  But if you’re the POTUS, not so much.

As Kate McKinnon characterized it on SNL last weekend in her portrayal of Robert Mueller, “They didn’t leave us breadcrumbs.  They left us whole loaves.”

Here’s a link to the timeline that makes obstruction impossible to defend from a legal standpoint.  The end is nigh.

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