Jesus and Politics

This is a subject that has had my attention for the past 30 years or so.  There came a time in my late 20’s when it was time to reconcile my religious verses political beliefs.  This is not an easy exercise, but I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they haven’t asked enough questions along the way.  I’ve always held that most of us have inherited our faith systems, which were pretty much assigned to us a birth.  We did no objective research followed by an informed decision.  We were indoctrinated while our brains were still very impressionable.  And that’s fine for a lot of people.  If it works for you, great, but obviously it doesn’t work for everyone or else I wouldn’t be writing this.

I came across this seminar in Beaverton that will be help on Nov. 10/11.  The topic of the two-day event is “The Political Jesus”, hosted by a couple of authors who hold PhD’s in theology (read, a lot smarter than I am), and the topics appear to be around squaring one’s need to be a part of the political resistance with ethical behavior in line with Christianity.

There’s very little doubt that Republicans have masterfully employed Roe v. Wade and guns as wedge issues to capture the fundamentalist vote.  That appears to be the only logical explanation for people voting against their own economic interests and buying into trickle down theory.

But I’m more interested in what’s perceived as the better path;  Activism or blind faith?  I know what the answer is for me today, but I want to hear what some smart people have to say about it.  People who’ve studied it for years and written books about it.  They will have my ear for a couple of days.   It should be interesting.  I will let you know what I find out.




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