My kind of Pope so far #PopeFrancis

Pope Francis appears to be my kind of Pope.

Previously I had posted a tongue in cheek article re-affirming what E.J. Dionne had written about which was the idea that the next Pope should be a nun.  I can’t imagine any scenario that could possibly energize the faithful more than a female Pope, however improbably the idea may seem. But the point of the article is, the Church lacks energy in part because it has its priorities all wrong.

I have a prioritized “ToDo” list I keep for work that I evaluate each morning to see if the right tasks are at the top of the list. There’s some stuff down in rows 15 and beyond that I may never get to. I work in a very dynamic environment and new priorities float to the top every day. It’s all I can do to address items 1-10 in a given week. In my last job, some of the items down in rows 20-30 had been there for over 5 years.  I suspect Pope Francis has a similar list as he leads the Catholic Church and that he has a task on it that reads:

“Remind the faithful about the sin of using contraceptives” is #56 on his list.

I suspect that is his plan.  That’s how smart people get around the issue of being accused of not being on board with all the rules and regulations.  They don’t come out against it. They appear completely on board. It’s just too far down the list for me to care about right now.

Here’s how I hope the conversation plays out.

Monsignor John : “Holy Father, there’s an issue in Guatemala where some nuns are making noise women’s role in the Church.  They must be disciplined.”

Pope Francis: “Feed the poor”

Monsignor John : “Holy Father, there’s an issue in Venezuela where 30 priests have spoken out in support of gay marriage”

Pope Francis: “Feed the poor

“Monsignor John : “Holy Father, 20 Cardinals in the US have come out in support of ObamaCare even though they want to pass out free condoms as a part of the program”

Pope Francis: “You dumb-ass, that program extends health care to thousands of Children.  Feed the poor”

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